Shoghi Effendi reminds us of 'what must always be regarded as the unattainable goal -- a befitting rendering of Bahá'u'lláh's matchless utterance.'

What youth must master

The youthful descendants of Our loved ones are the saplings of the Divine rose-garden. There can be no doubt that they must exert themselves in the subject of teaching and, having mastered the Divine proofs and testimonies, must prove the existence of God and His inscrutable Will, establish the unity of God, adduce convincing and conclusive proofs to demonstrate Divine Revelation, and vindicate the truth of all Prophets and Messengers. Convey thou a message, on my behalf, unto Dávud Quli Bayk and say: “Thou art not the servant of that school.

Tablet addressed to an ancestor: "Forfeit not the brief moments of your lives!"

He observeth with justice and acteth with grace!

A Book sent down by God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting. He biddeth His servants to observe that which will draw them nigh unto Him. He verily is the Gracious, the Most Powerful, the Almighty, the All-Loving. We have called thee to remembrance in days past, O Husayn, and remember thee now as a token of God's grace, the Possessor of all things visible and invisible!

The order of the verses (Persian Bayán 3:16)

Let him who is able render the order of the Bayán in whatever manner is sweetest, though it be rendered in a thousand ways. Notwithstanding, they will, each and all, return upon the essence of the Bayán itself, for not a single word will be added to it, nor will a single word be removed… Methinks, not a change will be made unless its sweetness and arrangement be more pleasing than its first order.

A moving prayer in resemblance of the game of Polo

He is the All-Glorious!

O servant of God! Exert thyself, gird up the loins of thy endeavor, and resolve to rise beyond the stars! O servant of God! A Speedy Charger lieth in wait for thee; the arena is wide open; the ball of bliss is ahead of thee; and the club of bounty in thine hands. Now is the time to march, now the hour to gain the victory. Let me share with thee the secret: Hasten forth, hasten forth, for the hour is pressing and the melody of the Divine Musician is nearly come to an end. If at this heavenly feast thou wilt not cheer, if now thou wilt not rejoice and sing, then when wilt thou be intoxicated and filled with holy ecstasy?

The Humility of the Beloved Guardian

The All-knowing God testifies, and all the limbs and members of my body bear witness, that during His blessed days, and in particular in the course of these latter years, I never regarded myself worthy of rendering the least service, nor even of receiving the slightest share of the bountiful favors of my loving Master, much less of being crowned with so distinguished a favor and so exalted a station – the sacred membership of the body unto which all things must be referred, the divinely ordained Universal House of Justice – which so undeservedly has been conferred upon me.

The meaning of Pioneering

O Hájir! Be thou an emigrant in the love of God, that is, flee from all that dwell on earth and abide secure beneath the shade of the Tree of Divine love. Then wilt thou be numbered with them who have forsaken their home for God, though thou remainest in thine house for as long as thy life shall endure. For true migration dependeth not upon steps, nay rather, the migration that is more pleasing in the sight of God pertaineth to the heart. It would be more pleasing, however, should men combine, by the leave of God, the one with the other.

Tablet of Visitation of Badí

In the name of Him Who hath power to ordain what He willeth!

This is a Book sent down in truth in remembrance of that which hath caused the face of the Cause of God to unveil its splendor betwixt earth and heaven. Say: It is the Utterance of God unto all that dwell on earth. The day star of wisdom hath risen above its horizon; upon it the Pen of the All-Merciful hath traced: the prison belongeth to the Manifestation of the Cause of your Lord, the Almighty, the Beneficient. Give ear, O thou remnant of the family, unto that which the Tongue of Majesty and Glory speaketh, that the remembrance of Thy Lord may attract thee to such heights that thou shalt not be overcome by grief. Behold, We have manifested Our Cause through thee. So overpowering hath been its manifestation, that the hearts of men have been struck with terror and their eyes been blinded.

The Middle Way

O servant of the one true God! What is meant by "there is neither predestination nor unconditional liberty; neither unwilling compliance nor unreserved authority; it is the Middle Way"1 is that God sustaineth the world of being, but He hath endowed His creatures with the capacity to act. Were the sustaining power of His assistance to be withheld, all upon the earth would expire.

  1. 1. From a Hadith attributed to Imam Jafar as-Sadiq. See also the Kitab-i-Aqdas par. 43

Both motion and stillness are of God

Thou hast asked concerning the motion and stillness of all things according to the Will of God. Know this of a truth, for He Who is the Lord of grace abounding is the sustainer of all things. Should the aid of God be withheld from the world of being, no created thing would be able to move. It is not meant, however, that everything hath been foreordained, but rather that if the assistance of God be severed from the world, the entire creation would be bereft of the capacity to move.

The stages of Contentment (Riḍá)

... Fear God and tread ye the path of contentment1 in this, the Day of your Lord, the All-Powerful, the Almighty, the All-Praised. And if ye know not His ways, We will, in very truth, instruct you through the agency of a single letter of what God hath bestowed upon Us, that it might be a conclusive proof unto men.

  1. 1. Riḍá is translated here as contentment, but also as resignation and good-pleasure throughout the remainder of this tablet.
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