Prayer by Shoghi Effendi

He is God!

Dispel our grief by the rising sun of Thy gracious promise, O Lord our God and our Refuge! Allay our sorrows by sending down upon us the company of Thy victorious angels, and illumine our sight by disclosing to our eyes the signs of Thy mighty Cause.

O Lord! Pour out Thy calm upon us! 1 O Lord our God! Open before our faces the doors of happiness and prosperity! Cause us to taste the sweetness of felicity and elevate us unto such stations as Thou didst promise in Thy Scriptures and in Thy Books.

How long will this iniquity and oppression last, O our God? How long will this injustice and tyranny endure? What Refuge is there besides Thee? Nay, by Thy Mercy! Thou art the Shelter of the afflicted and Thou hearest the call of them that yearn after Thee! Aid and assist us by Thy grace, O Lord the All-Glorious, and disappoint not our hopes, O Thou the Desire of the world, Thou Who of those who show mercy art the Most Merciful.

The servant of His threshold, Shoghi.

  1. 1. Quran 2:250, 7:126
Last Revision: 
25 Jul 2010